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Loose Ring Snaffle bit with Cherry Rollers-6 1/4"

$ 19.95
6 1/4" Loose Ring Snaffle with Cherry Rollers
This is a great bit for those big guys that lean on the bit!!
Loose Rings

The loose rings snaffles make a more mobile bit than an eggbutt or fixed cheek bit, which should encourage your horse to keep a relaxed jaw and mouth the bit. The loose ring may be useful if your horse leans on the bit, or takes hold, as the bit is always movable so the horse cannot take hold as easily as they could with a fixed cheek. This bit is also useful for gaining contact as the movable mouthpiece enables the bit to fit the mouth, contour the tongues natural position and sit comfortably. 

Single Jointed Bits

The single joint puts pressure on the sides of the tongue, on the lips and on the bars due to the nutcracker. The single jointed bits also may have a head raising action so would be less suitable for your horse if they ride with a high head carriage or above the bit. Also breeds such as Irish Draughts, may have particularly large tongues, therefore having less room in the mouth for a single jointed bit as this pushes the bit nearer the roof of the mouth, also Arabs and alike may have a low palate, both of these examples may not benefit from the single jointed bits as the nutcracker action may cause brushing of the roof of the mouth.

The Cherry Roller Mouthpiece

The mouth piece has stainless steel rollers around the mouthpiece, which are designed to stop the horse from taking hold of the bit, it also helps to stop horses that lean on the bit as the mouthpiece is completey mobile, they cannot lean on it like the fixed mouth bits (e.g mullen mouth), the rollers also encourage the bit to be played with in order to help mouthing.

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