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Black Leather Jump Off Bridle-Draft Size

$ 129.99

Black Leather Jump Off Bridle

This Draft Size anatomical jumping bridle has a full flash integrated noseband that curves onto the cheek to avoid sensitive nerve endings. This split noseband design helps stabilize the jaw. The softly padded crown is shaped to allow maximum freedom for the horse's ears and reduce pressure at the poll. The curved browband does not press against the front of the face or base of the ear. Gorgeous, comfortable bridle for jumping and hacking. Thie Bridle has fancy stitching details.

Small and Large Draft

Comes with Reins

Small Draft 

Browband: 17 1/2" 

Noseband: 23" to 28" 

Throatlatch: 38" to 52" 

Bit to Bit: 42" to 52" 


Large Draft 

Browband: 20 1/2" 

Noseband: 25" to 30" 

Throatlatch: 42"-54"

Bit to Bit: 45" to 58"

Plain Reins: 65" 

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