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Continental Gag Bit with French Link-5", 5 3/4"

Continental Gag Bit with French Link-5", 5 3/4"

$ 31.99

Continental Gag Bit with French Link

Similar to the elevator, except the cheekpieces consist of stacked rings. There is usually only one ring above the mouthpiece, to which the cheekpiece is attached. The ring below that is attached straight to the mouthpiece, and acts similarly to a snaffle. The lower ring(s), of which there are usually two, are for a second rein to be attached, and they provide the gag action. The lower the second rein is placed on the stack, the more "leverage" (raising of the mouthpiece up along the cheekpiece) is applied. Dutch gags are useful because they provide options for the severity of the bit. The bridle cheek pieces are attached to the top rings to produce pressure.the lower the reins are fitted, the stronger the leverage action on the horses mouth.


  • Brand: Jacks
  • Style: Jumping
  • Mouth Size: 5", 5 3/4"

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