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Draft Horse Padded Black/White Comfort Headpiece Bridle

$ 50.00

This bridle is made to reduce resistance by removing pressure to the horse’s nervous system.  The headpiece of the bridle, lying over a nerve rich area, is cushioned to provide comfort and disperse pressure that can cause resistance to the bridle, freeing the horse from irruption at the poll as the bit is engaged. 

Elegant, yet refined, designed to compliment the most beautiful of heads. Rolled leather is very strong and durable; tightly stitched and finished. Very popular in the competition ring. Complete fully rolled bridle with cheekpiece adjustment over the poll for neatness and to present a tidy and clean profile of the horse’s head. The Split head allows independent adjustment of all parts for a good fit, and means that less buckles are visible from the side so as not to ruin the clean lines of the rolled cheeks.

Small Draft Horse Size  Browband 17"

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